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SMTP Server PROBLEMS please plese help me!


SMTP Server PROBLEMS please plese help me!

I have received the following below from plusnet due to me sending out email from my own smtp server on my PC requesting link exchange (which is prity much aceptible within the web master world) Any how I was using plus net dns servers to relay the mail from my pc. I would like to use my own dns but alas my router (speedtouch 510) is proving to be very very very difficult to setup. ANY HELP WOULD BE VERY NICE.


Does the fact that one person has deamed it so offencive that I request a link exchange from me contacting them via a website with there contact details. Meen that plus net will not allow me to use the dns servers and to send mail from my PC?

I would dearly like to bypass alltogether plus nets dns but I have been trying for 4 days now to get this router and PC setup to alow this!!!!! But I seems when I use my own dns the router must be blocking things. I have tryed opening ports 25 udp and tcp to my web server also port 53 but this has no effect?



Dear Customer,

It has come to our attention that a source of unsolicited email has been linked to your account with us. This could have one of several possible causes, including those in the following list:

- You are running an insecure SMTP relay or proxy software
- Your PC is infected by an email virus, worm or trojan
- You have a web server with an insecure Formmail script
- You are yourself sending unsolicited email

The sending of unsolicited email (Spam) is strictly prohibited under the Terms and Conditions of service under which your account is provided. While we accept that most such occurrences are inadvertant, it is your responsibility to ensure that computers you connect to the Internet through us are configured securely and kept free of viruses.

An abuse management case is currently open against your account regarding this matter. Please read the following and take any remedial measures that are required:

- If you run your own mail server software, ensure that it is configured only to relay mail for your computer or computers' specific IP addresses.

- If you operate a web proxy, IP proxy, or connection sharing software of any other sort, ensure that it is configured to proxy only for your computer or computers' specific IP addresses.

- Make sure that any server software you run, including the above, is securely configured and has all recommended fixes and security updates applied.

- Make sure that any computer or computers that run Microsoft Windows have an appropriate and up-to-date Anti-Virus solution installed. We also strongly recommend that you employ a personal Firewall.

When you believe you have resolved the problem, you should use the Contact Us facility on the customer web portal to inform us that you have done so. Please use Contact Us and do not reply to this mail directly, as tickets raised to us through the portal are linked to your account and can be dealt with more speedily and efficiently.

Any other queries you may have about the content of this mail can also be passed to us through Contact Us, and we will be glad to help you resolve any issue you may have.

Please note that if you do not respond to this warning, your account may be suspended.

The Contact Us facility can be found here:

Further information on our Acceptable Usage Policy can be found here:

PlusNet Abuse Team

SMTP Server PROBLEMS please plese help me!

I also run my own SMTP server and don't use but it is low traffic.

I would suggest replying to the ticket requesting the original complaint, so that you can verify that your server isn't open and unsecure.

It is possible that if your server isn't secure people may have been using it as a relay, lord knows I get enough people trying to use mine every day.

Until you know the source and nature of the complaint, there isn't much more than I can suggest to secure your server.

Andrew D Wiles
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SMTP Server PROBLEMS please plese help me!

Little OT here fingers68, and not at all helpful, but I've just noticed (from your website), you're just down the road from me Smiley (around 5-10 mins away actually, lol).

If it helps any, I run an SMTP server (Argosoft) myself and when it was on the same machine as my internal DNS server, it had major problems with relays. As soon as I stuck it on a seperate machine that wasn't tied to the internal DNS server, it worked just fine using the PN DNS servers (config'd in the router) Smiley

Though saying that, the only time the server see's "abnormally heavy" use is when I send out my monthly newsletter

SMTP Server PROBLEMS please plese help me!

I hate link exchange requests! And technically they are unsolicited and broadly commercial.

SMTP Server PROBLEMS please plese help me!

Thanks for the replys on this, aoxm8's was especialy informative.

I was hoping to get some official stance from Plusnet but none as yet. Ticket rased 2 days ago and still no answer!. Is PN getting just to big for there own good. I remember getting an answer to problems with in 1 or 2 hours and when they answered the phone within 5 mins not 20 mins then I gave up!

I can get the SMTP working using the PN dns but I dont wish to use theres.

If you are indeed sending out email via your own dns address, please let me know your router settings. If you are using a router that is.

Yes it is commercial! and Technically if you get an email from an enquiry form on your site from some one you have never received mail from that is SPAM!

I this people can get a little over the top with regard to so called SPAM. The amount of rubbish that is pushed through the doors of millions of home owners seams to be accepted and legal, why would someone get so upset by 1 email requesting a link exchange? :roll: if you have a website that is on a public domain then you have to accept you are going to get email from strangers.
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Registered: 30-08-2007

SMTP Server PROBLEMS please plese help me!

I generally don't object to receiving LR e-mails (rarely go with them though). The only time I DO object, is when they are for FFA sites such as;

Had 23 e-mails in no more than 30 minutes for exactly the same site ... thats spam, regardless of the content.