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SDSL - recommended?


SDSL - recommended?


Currently I am responsible for 2 Plusnet Business accounts which until recently have been performing brilliantly.

My question is if I upgrade to SDSL now that the local exchange supports it, are we likely to still suffer misconfigurations of the traffic management platform? Are users satisfied with the performance? Specifically IPSec VPN tunnels across the connections.

My concern is that if we do switch at a fairly hefty cost (when new routers are factored into the equation etc), do we stick with Plusnet or look elsewhere? I'm reluctant to a certain extent to look elsewhere as its always an unknown, especially with regards to customer support. Which Plus do seem good at even if there have been a few probs recently.

Cheers for any comments.

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SDSL - recommended?

sdsl usually comes with SLA i believe so should give you some benefits as well as being a dedicated line

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SDSL - recommended?

SDSL is a business product and like all busines products, including the ones you already have, are not subject to SUP, P2P or any other traffic management limits and they have little to no traffic shaping applied. So things like IPSEC, VPN, FTP etc will not be affected except by the normal contention at the exchange.

You are aware of the differences between SDSL & ADSL, including the fact that you cannot have an anologue phone on the SDSL line like you can with ADSL

Also as SDSL is VERY expensive compared to ADSL, if it's upload or download speed increases you are after and can wait until April, PN will be upgrading all lines to MaxDSL when BT release the new speeds which has the potential (subject to your line conditions) of upload speeds of 832Kbs for OfficeMax, 432Kbs for HomeMax and download speeds of upto 8Mbs.