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Ruby on Rails Support


Ruby on Rails Support

Just wondered if f9 had any intention of providing support for Ruby on Rails, a web technology taking off quickly that requires fastcgi and mysql.

Just a thought as I am looking for somewhere to host a shopping site, would prefer to keep it with my ISP if possible.


Lee Gathercole
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Ruby on Rails Support

This idea has been raised on the PlusNet forums and is included in the PlusNet UserGroup suggestion list (ID 105).

But I do not want to raise your hopes, as far as I am aware there are no plans to add it.

But some good news, once the mail server storage migration is complete, then some of the redundant servers are earmarked to expand the cgi servers.

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Ruby on Rails Support

I wouldn't recommend using f9 servers to run a busniss website off.

My experience has been that when they go down it can take at least half a day for anyone to get them going again. F9 have often said its not a core business it just a freebie.

Also they seem to be shared with many people which means they are slow.

They are ok for hobby coding but your best best bet for a business class hosting service is