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Roll out a new wrap program ............


Roll out a new wrap program ............


Service Affected:- CGI

Maintenance Window:- Wednesday 5th October 05:00am to 06:00am

Detailed description of work to be performed:-

Roll out a new wrap program to fix some known issues and to add more detailed failure messages to help customers debug scripts.

Expected Customer Impact:-

During the window, some views of a page may yield the old version and some the new, as we will roll the servers one by one - no outage will be experienced by the customers.

Other Notes:-


Kind Regards,

Ben Brown
Customer Support

Any news on this yet Ben?

I, and lots of others have been waiting patiently for a fix to the new ccgi server, it would be great to have an update asap. It's no good posting on the CGI and Scripting forum because you don't frequent there as much as here.

Thank you
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Roll out a new wrap program ............


I'm not Ben, but this work did complete as schedualed this morning. As per the service status posting of 6:19 this morning.

Roll out a new wrap program ............

Thanks Jon - I'll have another go and hope that it's all fixed and working as it should.

I have looked at the Announcements/Service Updates and there was no posting about this at the time you mention. The only posting was the one saying that there would be a maintenance period on the 5th, which is today.