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Rock and a Hard Place


Rock and a Hard Place

Old mail = slow, clunky, reasonably reliable, now unavailable, has folders = rock
New mail = slower, pretty, unreliable, available, no folders = hard place

Please, pretty please, can I get access to the old mail system - just once will do, I need to get to information in my Sent Items folder and I can't seem to do that from the new system.

After that I will live with the incredible slow and unreliable response from the new system (which I am sure will improve and looks like it has the potential to be really good) and never complain again about the old system being bad.

Apologies if I have this all wrong, perhaps I miss something and there really IS a a way to get to my old mail folders in the new system but I checked all the messages and it seems like there is not. The only way I can see is to hope they still exist in the old system and get in there just once and retrieve them before it gets killed, or dies from natural causes.

OK my fault I should know better than to expect someone else to take care of my data for me, but I can't believe I am the only sould caught between the Rock and the Hard Place

Rock and a Hard Place

The new system is only a trial and beta test. As such, none of your address books or sent items have been imported into it.

It will not be until the go live stage (some months away) that a dicision is made on if this should be done.

The new one is slow because it is on a single server at this time. As it is only a beta test, the hardware resources of a fully load balanced system have not been assigned.

The old system has been disabled due to the reasons stated in the Service Status section.

All this information and more has already been posted accross this forum multiple times today, as well and many many other times in the past week. Please read through the forums and follow the guidelines for posting in the Beta forum.

This thread is being locked as it is yet another in the pile.