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Rin report

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Rin report

Just recieved email from plusnet to tell me that I can now connect to the trial RIN network :roll:

Well with help from Elvin I've been on the rin network for approx 2 weeks so thought I'd share my thoughts on it.

First must say that been with +net for best part 4 yrs and have been one of the lucky ones though the troubled times that many have suffered in the last yr or so.

On my normal PAYG account speed varied between 2000-2500kbps,
P2P was at best p**s poor @ 2-15 kbps down,all done after midnight during free usage tho don't suppose I've downloaded
50gb total.

Since being on the rin trial only had one problem,a four hr disconnection yesterday (but had sim on normal PAYG).

Now since being on rin trial I am connecting at exchange at 4000kbps (at last check) and getting 3500kbps down,as far as I know being on rin should not help synch speed but I've never synch'd at 4000kbps before or even close to it,so Cheesy

As regards P2P speeds, what little I've done over passed two weeks been getting 30-357kbps down,again after midnight.

I know many things can affect P2P speeds ie seeds,peers and their speeds etc but while getting speeds of 20/100/200/350+ down I can't say that I was doing anything different on P2P
than other slower times (PAYG norm).

So to date very pleased with the speeds ,have found it to be very stable (tho ping speeds a lot higher at mid 200)and all round better than my normal PAYG account which was fairly good anyhow (never get enough tho can you Wink .
Best wishes to all
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Rin report

I have also been on this new RIN network for a few weeks now. From my experience, speeds and syncs are mainly similar to the Plus Network, but the whole experience is alot smoother, pings much better, and a whole round nicer experience ( I am not knocking Plus network here BTW :lol: ), probably due to the RIN not using the BT centrals, ( this is how I understood it anyhow, may be wrong!!) hopefully I can stay on this new network, but wondered when the trial will end, and also do plus want us to give any formal feedback at all?Huh
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Rin report

All feedback is good.

I'd just like to point out that synchronisation speeds will not differ. You sync with the exchange and not with the network.
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Rin report

This kind of feedback is great. Thanks a lot :-)

We'll be sending a Zoomerang survey or similar in a couple of weeks time. It will be optional to fill it in, but it would greatly help us to guage your experience.

With regards to the trial ending, we'll make sure we give plenty of notice. And if / when that happens, what we would do is just swing the realm back to our Centrals to minimise any impact.