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Response to ticket about premier cost reduction.

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Registered: 04-08-2007

Response to ticket about premier cost reduction.

I emailed CS to ask for a reduction in premier fees. I have heard the arguement about 1p difference but if you remove an arm of a service this should be reflected in visible cost to customer. I note the following from +net site


Up to 2Mb broadband as standard - up to 40x times faster than dial-up*
Super-fast up to 4Mb and up to 8Mb speeds now available**
Get the security of a fixed monthly payment
Ideal for experienced, serious Internet users
Suitable for homes with more than one PC
A great all-round service

Let me see "ideal for experienced users." "A great all round service." Humm. is this legal under trade description?

Anyway is is CS responce:
The following comment was added to the ticket
We will not be reducing the cost of the service. The removal of PlusNet binary Usenet doesn't mean that you can no longer use binaries, you just need to use another service.

Response to ticket about premier cost reduction.

No i don't think it is legal so i called plusnet to cancel my contract and after a bit of time i got annual contract waived as goodwill.

Sorted............. Cheesy
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Response to ticket about premier cost reduction.

This is the responce i got;

{quote]We feel we cannot provide this service anymore because of the increases in volume. As this service represents a small percentage of your subscription payment (pence rather than pounds) there will be no reduction in your monthly payment.