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Request for Comments


Request for Comments

A couple of weeks ago I got on my high horse because I was suffering from PN s bandwidth throttling to NNTP based on a total data transfer (15GB regardless of protocol or bandwdth usage). This policy has yet to be explained adequately.

I am currently at 20% of my monthy 15GB quota and I can only achieve an average of 856B/s with timeouts every 10s or so when trying to download headers from the newsgroups.

P2P users were quite smug a couple of weeks ago but it would seem there are a few unhappy bunnies now.

In light of PNs new T&Cs I would like to know if any other users are still not getting the service contracted in to with PN but please, no more NNTP evidence. It is my opinion that PN may be culpable if it can be shown that they have advertised a level of service to the end user which it cannot maintain, even under the new Ts & Cs. The introduction of traffic shaping, bandwidth throttling, QOS, call it what you might suggest that PN are expanding beyond their network infrastructures capacity. The idea that total data transferred is a means test to your bandwidth capability might also suggest a lack of technical sophistication.

Kind regards,