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Report Plusnet for 'Breach of Contract'.


Report Plusnet for 'Breach of Contract'.

Dear all,

I have just been made aware of a very large problem to do with Plusnet. Plusnet use many words to describe their failures and I object to being blamed for using what I am paying for. I do not accept that this is about a sudden and unexpected increase in usage or that the service failures could not have been avoided. I doubt the directors will be using public transport so why would you accept a cut in services. If you want ISDN speeds pay £5 for them!

I will be making BBC Watchdog aware of this and I will formally request that Plusnet compensate their affected BB customers accordingly. I also suggest that you do the same. Avoid emotional outbursts and state you claim clearly, by e-mail several times and call their call centre. This is for your own protection.

This matter is clearly a breach of our contractual terms of agreement and we are not paying them £15 per month for ISDN! There are no acceptable excuses for this. Broadband exists, we pay for it and we are not receiving it - the rest is a smokescreen.

I will not expect a massive conversation between Plusnet and myself to ensue, as I have already read that they apportion the blame for them not knowing what we are doing squarely on our shoulders...due to us not telling them that our speeds had dropped to below ISDN levels (they apparently treat this forum as a place for people who simply need a good whinge! They'll learn the hard way)...not informing them in advance that we would actually like to use our service...and it's all basically our fault for using what we are being charged for. This is nothing more than blaming us for being customers. Do not accept it!

I urge anyone considering moving to another provider to do so immediately (see dot com and to formally request compensation from Plusnet for having to do so. none of this is your fault.

I suggest that you do report this to their cutomer services centre imediately so that they cannot say that they were not made aware. I suggest that we form a collective so that we are fairly represented and to ensure that we are not put through the Plusnet Customer Services route for any longer than is absolutely necessary. Standing together gives greater weight to action being taken expecially in the eyes of independant regualtory bodies and ombudsmen.

As a former customer of Plusnet, as of tomorrow morning, I will be available on darryld1 at hotmail dot com from then onward.

Hit them where it hurts and don't get drawn into lengthy excuses from them. You pay for it and you don't get it. Simple!

Yours Sincerely,