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Reply from PlusNet very unclear


Reply from PlusNet very unclear

2 Months ago Plusnet sent me an email stating that I would be upgraded to 8MB on my next billing date April 2006. This did not happen. I asked the support team why and they said (at 1pm on the 18th May all ISPs (including ourselves) were informed by BT that regrade orders for IPStream Max have been put on hold) The said; (The BT tool we have been using to submit the 8Mb upgrades has only been made availible today 6 June 2006. They went on to say the complete opposite: (We are still accepting queue jump requests at but will be unable to process these until the BT tool is made available again).

What do you think do they have the tool or not?

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Reply from PlusNet very unclear

Yesterday we are told PN now have the tool, if you create a QJump ticket, you should get regraded onto an UPTO 8Mb connection in the next 4-6 weeks. You may get about 4Mb rather than 8Mb, it depends on quality of your phone line.


Reply from PlusNet very unclear

@ mfryhere1 "2 Months ago Plusnet sent me an email stating that I would be upgraded ..."

(Unless you were on the 29.99 or 39.99 accounts....)
I assume you are thinking of the newsletter which said
Free broadband product upgrades!

The main changes are:

- Up to 8Mb speed upgrades! (subject to availability).
- Addition of PlusTalk minutes on our broadband phone (VoIP) service.*
- New usage allowances and traffic management.

Your product will be upgraded on your first billing date after 30th March 2006. If you pay annually, this will be the same day in the month as your annual subscription, e.g. the 15th. Speed upgrades will follow over the coming months - see below.

As you can see, there were two different parts being announced in the same paragraph, the first being the "product refresh" and the second the speed upgrade. So the speed upgrade wasn't really being promised anything like as soon as the next billing date, unfortunately. I think a lot of people saw that and assumed the "upgraded" was to do with the speed, as others have asked when they would get their speed upgrade, too.

Reply from PlusNet very unclear

I applied for a Q Jump Day 1 21/4 - Plusnet have confirmed (eventually) that the request had been forwarded to BT... 49 days later no upgrade and CS's view is that BT will do it whenever - so 4-6 weeks may be optimistic.
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Reply from PlusNet very unclear

When it comes to the queue jump orders placed by the bulk tool, we're not able to give a definate date as to when any one line will be upgraded. As all we do is pass the order onto BT, who then carry out the upgrade if there's space for it in their workload on any particular day. So this depends on how many orders other ISPs put through at the same time.

Reply from PlusNet very unclear

If we have registered for a queue jump, will an order also be placed when our position is reached in the normal queue?

i.e. if i was due to be submitted tomorrow and i had a closed queue jump ticket, would my order be placed tomorrow or would i be at the mercy of BT to upgrade me when they get a spare slot?