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Replacement Modem/Router

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Replacement Modem/Router

Just curious at present...

I have had my current modem since joing PN over 4.5 years ago and have no idea of it's useful life span but it appears to working well.

But I am wondering, if it were to fail would I be able to purchase a new one from PN and defer the cost or is that only available if I change product type?

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Replacement Modem/Router


The option for a deferred modem is only available on BBYW that being a new customer signing up or an existing customer switching across to it.
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Replacement Modem/Router

Looking at the prices Plusnet charge for a Modem/Router (£25 for BT USB modem, avaliable elsewhere for around £10) I wouldn't bother.

I just bought a refurbished 2WIRE wireless router for £20 on ebay. Great service, fantastic router.
All my speed and disconnect problems have vanished.
I now have a 3 Meg sync speed with no more ramdom disconnections.
Prevously the fastest I could achieve was 1500 sync speed.

It amazing the quality and performance of a router designed for the commercial market compared to the plastic bits of kit we buy for the home market. Its robust, made of metal, not plastic and runs cool. I have no problems with leaving it on 24/7.

You do have to have a little bit of knowledge as the kit didn't come with drivers or manuals, but as a second/replacement router its fantastic.


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Plusnet Staff
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Replacement Modem/Router

I agree Mike, I used to use a dlink router which would drop the connection 3 or 4 times a day. Changed to a speedtouch 585, the sync speed increased by 500k, and the connection was solid for 14 days until I rebooted it.
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