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Regular Connection Bomb-outs


Regular Connection Bomb-outs


I've had a self-installed 512K DSL connection for the last year or so. For the last 3-4 weeks I've noticed that my connection regularly drops off, up to 8-10 times a day, for between 30-180 seconds each time. For a while I thought it was my computer, then I noticed it on my other computer, and thought it was my router, after upgrading the routers firmware I've been monitoring the routers up-times and noticed it's actually the PPPoA connection being dropped from the end of things.

Is this happening to other people? I read something on the status pages about having issues with BT starting at roughly the same time my problems started - but they don't actually state what *is* wrong - they assume that people have been following the reports for the last month. :roll:

Can anyone enlighten me?

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Regular Connection Bomb-outs

Hi there,

The problem we have ongoing (as reported in service status) will only ever cause slow speeds and not PPP dropouts. Faults like this are very hard to pin down but if you can:

  • Try with alternative hardware - this is the best test as most faults like this are hardware based.
  • Connect to the bt test login (username: bt_test@startup_domain, password: test) and see if you get the same dropouts. Note you cannot browse when connected on this login.