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Regualr connection drops


Regualr connection drops

Hi all,

For a number of months now I seem to lose connection every day at around 9:30pm - 11:00pm, usually close to 10:00pm.
I can usually reconnect again without any problems and the speed seems fine. Just before I lose connection I usually get some nasty pings/lag in the game I usually play.
I've used multiple PCs and at least 2 different routers.
It's starting to get really really annoying (having already achieved the status of really annoying).
The router just loses sync and disconnects. Once it resyncs and reconnects everything is fine. Any voice chat programs obviously lose connection as well as any games or websites.

This combined with the sudden increase in spam has started me looking for another ISP.
Does anyone else get this or am I alone?
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Regualr connection drops


It's not uncommon for people to see disconnection patterns like this. In most cases it's easy to fix though.

Generally you'll find that connection drops like this fall in to 2 types. Ones that are caused by something external causing interference and ones that are caused because the line is just sync'ing that bit too high.

First thing I would suggest is to check if there's anything else that happens at the time the connection drops, for example central heating switching on/off or street or other lights switching off. This can be common if it happens at a similar time each day.

I'd also suggest taking a look through this to see if anything helps:

any incorrect wiring or filters could easily cause this, particularly if it ties in with something (e.g. an unfiltered alarm system phoning home).

If nothing there helps then I would suggest looking at or logging the router stats when the problem happens. In particular you are looking at the SNR figures to see if they decrease. If you do then it could as I say be sync'ing at just slightly too high a speed. Because of things like atmospherics and street lights and other factors that can cause "noise" sometimes the speed the line syncs during the day is just too high for the evening and the line drops and resyncs. If this is the case we can raise it as a fault with BT and increase the target SNR on the line to cause it to sync at a slightly lower speed to improve the stability.