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Regrade stages


Regrade stages

Good afternoon,

Does anyone know what the regrade stages are imposed by BT Wholesale? Is there an official list of stages anywhere?



Regrade stages

There was a chart laying about at one time.

In written terms.

You can jump from a BT install package to a Self-install package of any speed in one step. You can't move from any Self-install to a BT install package (pointless anyhow).

You can move between any self-install package speed in a single step.

Migration and speed changes require two steps. One to migrate, one to change speed.

DataStream migration is not currently possible.

Regrade stages

Thanks for your quick reply

I am curious why it is taking between 5 and 7 days to regrade from Plusnet 1mb to Plusnet 2mb

Surely it is a computerised process at British Telecom's end; and if so, how does this process take 5 to 7 days?
Or does an engineer have to manually re-patch me into a different port @ the local exchange as I am going onto a faster speed?

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Regrade stages

Whether it involves a any physical moving of a line (which I think does happen when regrading to 2Mb) does not matter. BT always quote 7 days for any regrade request, regardless of what it is.

Regrade stages

Thanks for your reply Peter

I think you misunderstood my post

I was looking for a knowledged response as to actually *why* it takes 7 days to regrade from one product to another
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Regrade stages

To give BT time to do line checks etc. I would assume...