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Regrade fee discrepancy


Regrade fee discrepancy

Was considering upgrading from ADSL Homeworker 512 to the new flexible home 2MB package (use it for work use so infrequently I can't imagine anyone would object - just the occasional email at weekends, etc).

However, the upgrade fee table lists the cost (annual account to annual account) as £14.99, but when I try to go through the upgrade procedure, the figure given is:

Confirm your choice
Current product: Plus.Net HomeWorker (Annual Contract)

New product: PlusNet Broadband Home Lite 2Mb (Annual Contract, No Modem) with included 6GB bandwidth
at £27.99 per month

To upgrade to this product there will
be a one-off payment of £29.99

Which is presumably what will be charged to my c/c if I proceed...?

Anybody been through this themselves? What were you charged?
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Regrade fee discrepancy

You are right to query this as it does not sound correct. It should be £14.99.

It looks like they have use homeworker pro as the guide to determin the price instead of homeworker, which is not correct. See

I would query this and let them know you are on homeworker and not homeworker pro so the cost according to their upgrade guide is £14.99 (and include the link above).

Regrade fee discrepancy

Okay, thanks, I'll raise a ticket... just wanted some sort of confirmation I wasn't looking in the wrong place! Ta.
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Regrade fee discrepancy

I got the same thing from the upgrade wizard, but I was only actually charged the lower amount. I think the wizard is working in "old money" Wink