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Regrade Order On hold but order not with BT

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Registered: 02-09-2007

Regrade Order On hold but order not with BT

I was put in for a Mas DSL regrade on the 3rd April. The ticket says that the order has been put on hold until the 10th while BT Regrade my line.

I have checked the BT order Tracker and there is no sign of the regrade order on my line.

I have raised a Ticket to check on this and have been told that the order for the regrade will happen when the hold on the ticket is removed. I have asked for confirmation on what this mean but have not had a responce yet.

Has anyone else had this. I was expecting the regrade to be complete for the 10th April but it now looks like despite the ticket saying that it is with BT now it looks like it will not even be sent to them until next week.

Does this sound right or is this what has happened to other people with their regrades.