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Registering your computer on the network


Registering your computer on the network


I have tried contacting support over this - but for the last month or so - everytime I connect it takes an age to verify my username and password - and then register my computer on the network (2mb Broadband Premium with ADSL Modem) can anybody offer any advice - I often get connection failures too when first connecting - often works after about 12 attempts.

When I first use to log on my pc it detected the network and told me that I had a 2.2mb connection - now that doesnt even appear until I have dialed up.

Thanks all

nick :?

Registering your computer on the network

One way to reduce this would be to use a router. They can be had for under 30 quid (you may need an ethernet card for the PC, but many routers come with a patch cable). The router would stay logged in (most of the time - mine clicked a few times today because for some reason the connection dropped, but I'm on DSL Max and it must be expected, I guess!).

It is 4 years since I used a USB unit, so apologies but have found routers very reliable, and helped a number of friends get set up with units (costing from 90+VAT 4 years ago, to half that and less!).

A router will stay logged in all the time, so as soon as the PC is ready for you to launch a program, you can be using the internet. Not a "solution" concerning what's happening, sorry, but a way to just "avoid it" completely.

Registering your computer on the network

thx - would i need to arrange this with plus net .. or do I just go out and buy one.. then read the manual?

if I should just buy one.. can you recommend anything which is easy to use and configure?


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Registering your computer on the network

Hi -

you don't need anyone's permission. The market is full of routers - there have been several threads discussing them, a couple of which are:


I agree with goodvalueisp that you will probably get a better connection with one, and you also gain a hardware firewall to boot, no pun intended ! :?