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Referrals Value


Referrals Value

Has anybody else experienced confusion with the amounts shown for 'My Referrals'
Currently mine declare that I should receive a £6.50 discount, however I receive only £3.50 discount per month.
Even more bizzarely, after some mental arithmatic, PNCS have replied and told me they think it should actually be £4.50!
I know its just a thankyou for helping raise the share price, and as such, the actual amount discounted is not much of an issue to me, however I would like some consistency........ :?:

Referrals Value

It can be a bit hard to work out at times.

The bottom figure is simply a total of the value of referrals but is not necessarily what you actually get. Still with me ? :roll:

So the bottom figure is the sum of the values. however if your billing date is 17 June you will only get paid the value of the referrals that are due up to that date. Each referral after then is carried forward.

The total also includes accounts which may not be currently paid up, have lapsed or, in the case of Easy Start accounts, have not reached the 13 month of being active.

it is a complicated process and could be managed better. I have had issues with referrals and how they are calculated in the past and am not confident it is the best way of working things out or indeed reporting them.