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Referral system


Referral system

A lot of providers including plusnet offer a referral system where you get a payment for each new customer you have referred.

Metronet don't offer this
With Plusnet which is the same company you get around 50p per month from each referral that chooses to go with Broadband and even more if they choose their phone service and other packages.
That's not 50p a customer but 50p for everymonth that the customer stays.
If I could refer 30 customers I could have their £14.99 package virtually for free

As a network technician I am in a good position to take advantage of this since I advise and setup a lot of internet connections for my customers.

Medasafish offer a flat £20 per referral and as an added incentive give the customer £10 credit too which makes Plusnet look rather stingy

I would stay with Metronet if they introduced a decent referral system but both dismayed by their poor customer support and the attraction of companies like Madasafish I am seriously thinking of leaving.
Fortunately for Metronet I am still busy weighing up the odds
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Referral system


The Top 5 would be a good place to add this.