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Redirects appear to be "not working"

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Redirects appear to be "not working"


so you use the (fairly good) webmail system provided by force9.

You have separate email accounts set up for friends/ family, etc.

You have redirects- especially for the SPAM- you forward that to the force 9 "black hole"

You still get spam you think you've redirected.......

OK. What to watch for....

NOT using webmail, but via outlook, look at the headers/ internet information of the mail. Simply looking at the "sent to" or more hidden field is NOT enough. There are aliases in the internet headers of email, which will tell you EXACTLY who the mail was sent to. Please DON'T reply to the sender saying "please stop" (or similar)

I'll give you an example? 2 weeks of leaving mail alone and using a separate account (instead of "catch all")- the "catch all" mailbox has over 2,000 mails in it- in just TWO WEEKS- this is AFTER I've set up redirects to the ALLEGED recipient of the address......

My suggestions?

I have a "catch all" type account. I also have in the region of 15 pop mailbox accounts, and around 50+ redirects- most to the F9 "black hole"

I set my own email address up (as an account/ user of the main account)

I still sign up for stuff- example- i visit say and they want me to register. I use the account. I then set up a redirect that forwards mail sent to to go to MY email account.

If I find the is getting SPAM- I've only listed it with one site. I change the redirect to go from my email address to the f9 black hole- and remember that that particular site has either had it's security compromised OR they've sold my email address on..... easy....

Hope the above helps a few people... 2,000 mails full of crap in a week is NO FUN!


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Plusnet Staff
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Redirects appear to be "not working"

Hi Andy,

I do exactly the same thing, you can easily tell who's sending you the spam this way (or rather who passed your address on to the spammers).

We can also block the catch-all address if you want. It can't be done via the portal, but if you raise a ticket our network guys will set it up.