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Recurrent Email Problems

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Registered: 11-08-2007

Recurrent Email Problems


I've been a force9 customer for five years now, and have generally been very satisfied. However the recent spate of recurrent problems with lost and delayed emails are severely wearing down my patience. I would no longer recommend f9 due to it's unreliability in delvering emails. This includes several recent cases where it has taken hours for an email to reach it's destination. You seem to consider this a satisfactory resolution, wheras I do not.

My main use of email arises from my involvement with a commercial play by email company, whose mailboxes and website you host. Whenever you have one of your major, recurrent, glitches it is effecting dozens, possibly hundreds of people, many of them potential customers, and doing you no favours whatsoever.

Sort yourselves out. A major degradation in the email service provided by a company whose main business is providing such a service should be an exceptional, rather than monthly, event.

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Recurrent Email Problems


I have done my best within the service status posts to explain the reasons for the current email problems and what we are doing to fix them. Unfortunately, a combination of two major hardware failures in quick sucession and the current spate of Viruses have caused us a lot of problems. While we are not unique in this - Many ISPs have sufferred, everything happening at once has caused us to have more problems than most.

As I have posted in service status a few times, we are still seeking a short term fix, however next week we will be making major systems changes to permanently address the problem. That is the quickest we could effectively rebuild our storage platform and that is what we are pressing ahead with doing. Until then, I'm afraid to say that email is likely to remain touch and go at some points.

With Regards,



I have been trying to drum it into force9's head for some time that their recent service is less than I would expect from a Saturday lad at Homebase.

Email not working, email slow, websites that don't work and customer service replys that don't.

I too need my website up and running for my business. A recent ad campaign has been a complete waste of my money because potential clients couldn't log onto my site.

I am now making arrangements to go with another company for my mail and four domains because I will not tolerate this nonsense any longer.

Force 9 is being paid and I am getting nothing in return. I don't buy a load of electricals in Currys and leave them in the shop.

To force9: I do not care what crashed, died or spontaneously combusted. Your lack of ability to keep your systems running or have contingencies or get them back up quickly is your problem not mine.

Congratulations you have just lost one loud customer and who knows how many quieter ones? Oh and if you think I will be recommending you ... think again, I value MY reputation, even if you don't.
Chris Clarke