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Recap of customer issues


Recap of customer issues

Just my recollection of things over the last 2 months.... Does anyone want to add to the list (Homeagain looking at you!)

Joined end July.

Online in August.

Slow speeds. Looked on forums, amazingly enough I was not alone. Sought ticket to query. 10 mins later found ticket option.

Speed improved for 1 day. Nothing better since.

2 customers kicked off ShamNet for questioning why a lot of customers were, in some cases, paying double what new customers were for the same appaling service. Carol Axe rings said customers, to not offer reconciliation but to ensure they sod off.

Continued slow speeds. Ellacoya blamed, wrong profiles etc.

Oh, still slow speeds. Now usenet customers starting to get the hump that their paid subscription service is running like a dog.

SUP bought in - customers penalised retrospectivly. Bad boys eh? No, customers who had no idea they were in the wrong until the ShamNet email is distributed to them stating they were breaking the new limits, ummm, over the previous 3 moinths. Eh?!

Interestingly enough, do you see how it was ok to email 'valued' customers to tell them they were breaching the mystery limits, imposed that day, and were being penalised. Note they also emailed all customers telling them to vote for ShamNet on the pc awards, and can win a great prize! Unfortunately, this courtesy was not extended to customers (read suckers) paying for an up to 8mb connection that was never coming this year.

Oh no! Wait, how silly of me!

Ofcourse I forgot that the 'up to 8mb (snigger snigger) account has higher download levels than the 'up to 2mb of rubbish' accounts! Brilliant you say! Well, no, because the higher levels were bought in with the new SUP. As a way of justifying the ripped off cxustomers?Yes according to CS poster who stated that all people using those accounts needed to be on them. Rubbish.

What else have I encounted in the last 2 and a bit months...

Poor service response times on calls.
Shocking lies being told by senior ShamNet staff (here's looking at you Neil...)
Caps being bought in without an adequate form of monitoring for the average 'non techy' user. It's in development... and look, a flying pig!
Refunds being refused.
People being put on traffic management when MAC codes have been requested.

So all this in a couple of months and some people don't think there is call for people to get even remotely upset?

I don't even think I've scratched the surface of customer's recent complaints.

Look forwared to watching the VoIP go horribly wrong. I mean, surely they can't get that right either can they?

Recap of customer issues

I have to say whilst i havent experianced any of the above yet, Plus net have brought into question their ability to run this business. My broadband link has been dropping out constantly for a week now and in fact i am using dial up to write this as my broadband cannot connect at all this morning.
This of course they are quick enough to blame on BT, who co-incidentally say they have done no work on my exchange recently to nothing has been changed and also i need to point out that i cannot find any where else any complaints of this nature unless the service provider is Plusnet.
Why pay for a second rate service that they cant even provide.

Can any one recommend an isp service that works?

Re: Recap of customer issues


Ofcourse I forgot that the 'up to 8mb (snigger snigger) account has higher download levels than the 'up to 2mb of rubbish' accounts! Brilliant you say!

I was also looking at getting the Up to 8mb connection, I did however decide to take a different route. This actually involved myself contacting both PN and looking on the forums to find out how likely it was that this service would be coming anytime soon.
If you ask me, there is nothing stopping customers downgrading to the up to 2mb package and remaining there until MAX DSL has been released.
One thing I will agree on is that it was unfair for PN to allow people to pay for this service at a higher price not knowing themselves when this service would be initiated within any given users area.
I am not going to take sides, nor do I wish to be labled as taking sides, however the root of this problem is fairly split between PN and the customer in my opinion.

Recap of customer issues

oh and you forget the 30min timeout issues. Cheesy