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Really confusd about the P2P limitations


Really confusd about the P2P limitations

Can somebody help me understand how this whole P2P limiting thing works?

I received an email this week saying "Your peak-time P2P, FTP and Usenet usage has exceeded the first level of the Broadband Premier usage policy", and that I've been placed on Level 1 management.

Well I was surprised as I've been keping an eye on my usage and at the moment I'm showing...

8am to 4pm usage this month:

4pm to midnight usage this month:

Total usage this month:

I'm on Premier 2Mb. After raising a query ticket I was pointed to an up-till-now unnoticed page that details the '20Gb clean usage allowance on P2P traffic before management is applied.'

Well I'm sure that wasn't there last time I looked but anyway, moving on...

The question is, how do I know how much P2P usage I've used? How can I monitor it and make sure I don't go over the limit?

The figures quoted above include all types of traffic, so how do I find out what my P2P usage is?

And am I the only person that finds the whole FUP policy unnecessarily convoluted and confusing? I'm not against a FUP, but it should be honest simple to understand. The current system most certainly isn't.

Annoyed and frustrated.... Sad

Really confusd about the P2P limitations

The system which controls the management process is currently a manual one, well in the main at least.

In the near future this system will change to a fully automated process which will give us the ability to better monitor how we use our bandwidth.

We are expecting an announcement in the next few days from Plus Net regarding forthcoming changes. Hopefully, once introduced, the process will be less complicated and more user friendly.

Keep an eye on the forums for further announcements and information.

Really confusd about the P2P limitations

and expect the 20GB limit to be trimed, maybe slashed, and then maybe another couple of weeks down the line PlusNet will move the goalposts again