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Real easy question for someone

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Real easy question for someone

. . but obviously not me :lol:

Can I have one pc on my home network on a static IP address with the others on DHCP or do I have to assign them all static addresses. Secondly, if I can have one static address. should it be inside, or outside the DHCP reserved range (which is currently 50 addresses)

In case it is relevant I use a Linksys WAG54GS wireles router. The user guide says nothing about static addresses, just gives instructions for setting up DHCP.

Real easy question for someone

Yes, you can do that. Just make sure the static address(es) fall outside your DHCP range, as otherwise it will conflict if DHCP happens to assign the same address.

I suppose a more elegant way of doing it would be instead of using a manually configured address, configure a DHCP reservation, so the PC in question would always be assigned the same address, without having to worry if it falls outside the scope. I think you can do this on the Linksys.
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Real easy question for someone


Its not problem mixing static and dynamic IP addresses just make sure that the static address is outside the dynamic pool.