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Reading a mailbox from webmail


Reading a mailbox from webmail

I've not been able to find an answer to my question is Plus' help&support area; so I thought I'd post it in case anyone out there has tried something similar.

I have set up a mailbox for a friend using my plusnet hosted domain. i.e. And she is able to read it by logging in as mydomain+xxxxxx

She has since become a plusnet customer and has her own username (herdomain) , email address and her own access to Webmail.

She obviously now accesses her webmail as "herdomain". Is it possible for her to add the mydomain+xxxxxx mailbox to her account's webmail using "Multi Accounts", so that she can access both without having to log in and out of to switch between them?

We have tried to enter the plusnet POP3 details, but with no luck.
(settings: Username: mydomain+xxxxxx; Hostname:; mailserver:; type POP3)
Anyone tried this and got it working? Or have any suggestions on what settings to use?


Reading a mailbox from webmail

I don't believe there is any way to transfer mailboxes between accounts, sorry Sad

She could still use a traditional e-mail reader on her PC to simultaneously check both accounts though. Or... you could add a redirect within your account's mail settings, that forwards any e-mail sent to her old address on your account to her account.
Hope this is of some help Smiley

Reading a mailbox from webmail

Thanks sietchtabr
I didn't want to transfer the account - just find out the settings needed so that she could add it as an extra identity in her webmail.