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Rat asking about Migrating and MAC Key


Rat asking about Migrating and MAC Key

I have been with a PlusNet since 26 Aug 2000 and on Broadband Premier Option 1 (Monthly Contract, No Modem) since 27/03/2003. With the recent bout of ongoing problems i feel it is time to jump ship so to speak, so what’s involved, costs procedures so on.

I have reported a problem and raised a ticket all I get back is

ID: 20347815
The results of our tests show no fault with your broadband connection. Completed speed tests show that your connection speed is: 954

According to BT, this speed is within the limits of acceptable performance for broadband service.

Kind Regards,

Customer Support

Doh !! i know this,

But why am i having randomly slow connections, time outs, pages not found (Have to refresh 3-4 times), websites found waiting for reply(getting nothing) and high pings in games. Sometimes i cannot even get on the Internet even though the modem is synched. Very poor Email connection, Dialup used to be quicker and it’s the same on my F9 account. P2P is CARP to say the least and tonight I cant even play Red Orchestra with a ping of 6-800 dropping to 50-60 then shoots right back up there.

My wife used to work for the boss of one of PlusNets sister companies so I stayed a loyal customer sighing most of my friends, family and work colleagues up to PlusNet. Now I feel a right plonker coz everyone’s having trouble and im getting it in the neck Sad for recommending this mess. I can not believe how much of a shambles its got since the Americans went back to Arizona.

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Rat asking about Migrating and MAC Key

It's amazing tha the fault rate for a upto 8mb maxdsl line is so low.

I remember when I had problems with my 2mb line BT acutally looked into fixing it.

now as long as you get over 400 they don't bother or at least that's the impresion we're given.

i seam to recall reading in the forums that there is fault rate for each line sync or something similar 10% or so. can't prove it though maybe someone else can remember it.


Rat asking about Migrating and MAC Key

I dont think and never had thought that i had a line problem, dont know if its a traffic problem, buggerd box of tricks at Pn's end or a contention issue. All i know is that i want it fixed or a MAC key and im not the most patient person in the world.
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Rat asking about Migrating and MAC Key

Hi there,

I have just escalated this to our faults team for further investigation for you.

Could you try the following :

- Clearing your DNS Cache (from the command prompt type 'ipconfig /flushdns'

- Checking for Adware / Spyware on your PCs

- If using a wireless network - try plugging it in wired direct to the router


Rat asking about Migrating and MAC Key

Cheers Liam,

Have already run Adaware, Spybot and spyware doctor, done a full scan for Viruses nothing. I am running a wireless network but its the same on wired and wireless.

If i use a VisualRoute it seems my problems start around here
3 25 ms 23 ms 23 ms []
4 26 ms 23 ms 22 ms [].

Dont know how it works but i seem to get around 50-70% loss on colum 2