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Random disconnections

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Random disconnections

Been getting random disconnections for 2 days now. The line speed is showing between 4 - 5 Mpbs whereas its normally 1.5 Mpbs. Can only stay online for 15 minutes or so and lines drops tries to redial gives error 680 then after several attempts manages to connect again.

I am connecting using : You are currently connected to the "Telehouse North, Juniper 1" gateway. This gateway is sometimes known as ptn-ag1.

So am I only only one suffering disconnectionsHuh
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Random disconnections

Sounds like a BT line issue... Perhaps your Max Stable Rate (MSR) has changed.

Do you know your SNR?

If your syncing significantly higher, it suggests this has changed. Your disconnections may cause BT's systems to react and switch interleaving on and raise the target SNR. If it is still happening, raise a ticket.

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Random disconnections

Not much I can add, other than to say I think this

The line speed is showing between 4 - 5 Mpbs whereas its normally 1.5 Mpbs

is the key phrase. For some reason your line is sync'ing at what is probably too high a rate which is causing it to drop all the time. I'd say have a read through:

to see if anything helps, and if not, as Craig suggests, raise a ticket via our fault checker and we can look into. The best solution will probably to increase the target SNR which will decrease the speed to make it more stable.