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Random Issues


Random Issues

Over the last few weeks i've been having weird problems with my connections. I'm getting randomly slow download speeds from sites I know are fast (e.g. Kent Sourceforge), I've been getting sites randomly saying can not be found (e.g. but if I refresh a minute later it works.

I thought it could be my router so I've rebooted a few times and checked all settings (all ok) but it's still happening ... anyone else having any issues or does PN know of any problems? I have 3 PC's on the network and they are all doing it, even if only 1 is on. I've even tried reformatting main PC (it needed it anyway).

It's now starting to annoy me .. Evil
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Random Issues

I've had the same sort of thing for a couple of weeks now. Sudden slowdowns, sites not found or timed out, then appearing. Even email timing out.
I'd put it down to the general unsteadiness of things within and without Plusnet - Pn can't cope with the traffic volumes, but then neither can BT's system,
It all started with the mass upgrading to 2Mb and will no doubt get worse when there is mass upgrading to 8Mb.

I've not heard anything that makes me hopeful it will be solved this side of 2012.