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Random Disconnects


Random Disconnects


I'm having problems with random disconnects. I think that it may be a signal to noise issue.

At the moment I'm connected via a filter on one of the extension sockets in my house. I can achieve the following:
Local Attenuation 33
Local SNR 19.5
Remote Attenuation 22
Remote SNR 13

Is this good enough for 2mb?

If it's likely to help, I can install a different Master Socket and install the filter their (i.e. before all of the extensions). At the master socket I get the following:
Local Attenuation 32.5
Local SNR 27.5
Remote Attenuation 22
Remote SNR 13.5

Is is worth me modifying my installation to get these improved SNR's?


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Random Disconnects

I would have thought the simplest answer is that anything that you can do to improve your snr is a good thing and worth doing!
Either set of your results look fine for 2Mb to me though! Smiley

Random Disconnects

I'll give it a try then.

Any idea if maplin or any other high street shop do a combined filter / master socket that I can get tomorrow?