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Random Disconnections:


Random Disconnections:

Since the MaxDSL upgrade, I have been getting many random disconnections and loss of sync between 21:00 and 00:00 on most days.

This is the current support ticket:

Do you think I should go ahead with the BT Fault Check, because if it doesn't work out, it will cost me quite a bit.

I am going to cancel my PN account in December anyway, and this problem doesn't really affect anyone else in my family... and I am off to Uni in 3 weeks time, and won't be back till December anyway, so is it really worth it?

Random Disconnections:

I posted my stats in an old thread, back in May. Saw your post there and followed it to this one.

I made some changes, bought myself a DG834G router, which had a cable supplied that was half a metre shorter than with my old USB modem.

Result, my attenuation dropped from 63 to 58, I do still get evening resyncs, but normally no more than one, by BRAS rate has increased to 3 mb/s, and I usually sync at close to 4000 with a 6dB fast path profile.

Have you tried your modem in the test socket (take the bottom p[art of the master socket off and plug your filter in the socket behind it)? If that get's rid of your resync problems, you either have a bad filter, an unfiltered device (a lot of people forget about Sky boxes) or poor extension wiring. Have you tried a different modem?

If you can prove to yourself that it's not the fault of your equipment, then raising a fault with BT will cost nothing.