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Raising a Ticket


Raising a Ticket

How the heck do I raise a ticket?!?!

My problem is not realated to ANY of the "Help Assistants"; do I have to pretend I have a "newbie user" problem (and go through the tedious task of automated checks) before getting to what was the old "Contact Us" page?
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Raising a Ticket

Just choose a route through that is vaguely close to your problem, get to a help page pop-up then underneath, click the last link and ask your question.

Then wait a long time (days) for an answer.

Or if you have a problem, ask it here and we may be able to help.

Raising a Ticket

Thanks for the quick reply! However I am now in a complete and utter fuming rage that it was so difficult to get to, and that PN automatically treats all customers as if they're incompetent. Evil

I already tried the forums ( but I actually need PN to investigate this issue. Someone from CS has now perked up and is helping via the forums...