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RE- Service Status: Usenet Problems (36296) - UPDATE

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RE- Service Status: Usenet Problems (36296) - UPDATE

Original post >]
This is an update to the previously reported problems with our Usenet service. A copy of the last announcement can be found here:-

As a short term resolution we disabled all but one of our readers which we believe to have resolved some of the aforementioned problems.

We are continuing to investigate a number of reports from customers experiencing issues with the service. We have since rebuilt a virtual server using the readers that we took out of operation. Unfortunately testing of this platform has identified a number of issues so we have taken the decision not to replace the current implementation.

We are considering a number of longer term resolutions to the problem, details of which will be provided as they become available.

Kind Regards,

Bob Pullen
Customer Support

I wonder if sourcing out to a third party which might include binaries, is one of the things being considered. :idea:

Anyhow we'll just have to see I guess.
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RE- Service Status: Usenet Problems (36296) - UPDATE

Unbelievable! They really are extracting the urine now.

All I've been able to get on Usenet since Sunday evening is one post in a low-volume group and (today) a backlog of already-read posts in the +Net service status group (none of which is more recent than last Sunday). That's all, out of 13 newsgroups to which I subscribe (at least two of which are high-volume groups).

It simply is not acceptable to keep us waiting for the better part of a week for an announcement, and then come up with this one. Even some of the most fly-by-night companies can keep a Usenet service running: why have +Net suddenly found it so difficult? :?

Perhaps, as you say, they're looking to push it out of house to enable them to pass the buck to someone else when it upcocks. By that time, though, I might not be here to care. Zen, anyone?