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Quick SUP Question


Quick SUP Question

I've been looking on the site (labyrinth or what) but don't see the answer to my question.

About sustainable usage policy "The policy applies to these all residential broadband products except Broadband Pay As You Go."

Does this mean there is absolutely no limit whatsoever on my usage on PAYG - obviously during the day there wont be as it costs but midnight to 8am too when it's free?

Quick SUP Question

I'm amazed that nobody has given you an answer on this, since there are ton's of people around who know the accounts inside out who could answer this in a flash.

I think that you are right in your assumption that you can use as much as you want through the day whilst you pay per GB anyhow.

I'm also pretty sure that all usage is unmetered through the night.

Hopefully now this is back at the top of page you'll get a definitive answer pretty quickly.

Quick SUP Question

Actually its as if people are avoiding this question to a lack of knowing themselves lol.

I know that as far as premier goes off peak has no set limits ( but there is a general guideline of 100GB ). I would assume that although you pay by the GB during the day PAYG will also have a similar ( if not the same ) guideline.

In the end of the day if you use too much Plusnet can always shape your traffic so you use less. On the other hand 100GB off peak is more than ample for anyone in any one month.

I am open to corrections btw Wink