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Hi guys i just wondered what sorta speeds are ya getting on 1mbit ? im currently on the 20:1 contention (1mbit) and are around 950-60 kbits?

Im using MTU 1430>? you have any other suggestions? i have tried 1458 but i heard "BT never got round to sorting that out"?

I have noticed a big problem with their dns servers, not being able to resolve addresses? instead im using Zens/Eclipses until they sort something out. I spoke to their techsupport, not much joy, only "I HAD TO" perform traces on the websites i was having trouble with. Shame 99.9% of websites would time out? what they want me to do , list all of them Tongue

And i am a very happy customer now, after 3 weeks of hell getting onto the service i might add Cheesy


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This is something we are already working on. I would be very grateful if you could have a read of this thread and add your problem details there using the provided form. Your report of the service is not what we expect and is not what most users see, however a small number of customers are having general speed issues and we are working hard with BT and our equipment suppliers to get to the bottom of what exactly is wrong...

We certainly don't expect this to be a long term problem, although it is proving tricky to diagnose. We have made a lot of progress in the last few days and your feedback would certainly be appreciated as it may just help to pin down that illusive pattern that will lead to the resolution of the fault for everyone affected.

DNS problems are not widespread either and I suspect this is just a symptom of your packetloss, as UDP DNS packets are often the first to go.

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