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Questions about 8M upgrade.


Questions about 8M upgrade.

Hi all,

Got upgraded yesterday (though I didn't get the email notifying me for dsome reason).

What do I need to do for the next week or so to get my line stable?
Do I need to be continually connected? (Disconnecting once a day)

How do I find out waht I'm synching at and also the attenuation/margin values?
(I've got a Speedtouch 330 modem)

My speedtest still is showing 2M, and the following page shows a speed of 2000 (I'm assuming this will change as the days pass


Re: Questions about 8M upgrade.

Quote shows a speed of 2000

that link for me shows 500, does anyone know why?? before maxdsl my line stats were very good, now bt say my line can only take a half meg connection,

Questions about 8M upgrade.

im a little dissapointed mine has gone from 2000 to 1000 am currently syncing at 1664kbps thought i would have got a least the usual 2 meg connection Cry
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Questions about 8M upgrade.

My stable rate has always said 2000 but ive only been getting a speed of 1.1, my mate reckons i have been capped at 1.1 for some reason. I know im getting upgraded maxdsl soon but its just bugging me now, if it says 2000 should i have been getting more than 1.1mbps?
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Questions about 8M upgrade.

the link for me shows 8000 which is incorrect as I have only synced at 2.3 with max , after interleaving enabled its now 1.8
previously on 1 meg & still getting 1 meg speeds after 16 days Evil

Your High-speed Broadband Service

Your current broadband speed is 8000
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Questions about 8M upgrade.

mine seems to be set at 8000 which would be correct seeing as I am synching at 8mb however I only get 2mb throughput...

Questions about 8M upgrade.

how do you find out if interleaving is enabled?Huh
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Questions about 8M upgrade.

PN connection setting = 7000
Synce = 8.1Mbps
download speed range from 3 to 4-1/2 Mbps.
BT voyager USB modem - just using my connection as normal.