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Question of the day !

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Registered: 29-08-2007

Question of the day !

I received the following email this afternoon:

Service: Portal
Posted: Thu, Apr 20 2006 at 16:58:52
Subject: Planned Maintenance- Friday 21st April

There will be holding pages across all of our portals from 02.30 - 04.30 on Friday 21st April.

This is so that we can carry out essential maintenance.

During this time our Support Agents will not be able to action any account changes. Should you require an account change we recommend that you raise a ticket which will be actioned as soon as we are able to perform account changes again.

We apologise for the short notice in relaying this information and would like to thank you for your patience during this time.


Now I won't be needing to make any changes to my account during that time, but if I did then how could I raise a ticket if the portal is unavailable ? :?

Question of the day !

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Question of the day !

Come on, loosen up - at least they managed to spell "maintenance" correctly, even if they managed to lose the substance of their message within the tortured grammar. Smiley

One step at a time..... Cheesy
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Question of the day !

Good to see that the portal maintenance worked so well........


Not thrilling,but nice............ :roll: