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Question no. 20382543 - hmmm


Question no. 20382543 - hmmm

I've been in the queue for months now to try and get a regrade to Maxdsl. I have waited patiently but recently I have been thinking about moving ISP as I thought the wait time was ridiculous.

However I recently saw the change in policy whereby I could pay 5.00 and get a regrade whithin 3 working days. I thought I'll give Plusnet the benefit of the doubt and pay the money.

I posted my question (20382543) almost 2 says ago now and still no response. So much for a regrade with 3 working days!!

Is it actually any faster to do it this way giving that you are not acknowledging the fact people want to pay 5.00?
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Question no. 20382543 - hmmm

I would imagine that the ticket will get dealt with today - Currently we have just 14 orders outstanding (They take around 10 minutes each to handle).

We have employed temps to work through these tickets and place the orders from next week, so the process should be very quick indeed.

I know there has been a lot of debate about the policy clarification, and I can see both sides personally. I would just like to say though that the fiver charge isn't intended as a money grabbing exercise, but as a way to try and help for those people who are desperate to be maxxed, and would otherwise have to wait for our automated process.

I would also add that in a few weeks, it may well be that the automated process can be ramped up to handle more per week than it is currently.



Question no. 20382543 - hmmm

Thanks for your response.

Well it seems that within minutes of you posting your reply I have received an e-mail saying that my fiver has been taken for the regrade. Smiley