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Question Closed - so this is my reply, (attention Ben Brown)


Question Closed - so this is my reply, (attention Ben Brown)

Since my question has been closed I have no other choice for a reply so I appologies if posting is inapropriate.

The lack of p2p traffic is simply down to my being fed up with the endless nagging about poor performance. Since PN's already decided that they are not in any way shape or form at fault I can't see the problem ever getting fixed. Therefore I've closed the ports on my firewall and told the little so & so to get his friends to do the downloading (good job none of his friends have the same speed issues).

Naturaly I'm now in the dog house and have to look like the bad guy but what can I do? :roll:

Thankfully internet, email and VPN work for me so the I'm not directly affected but I have to say my personal view is this has been a bit of a poor show on PN's part especially given the fact that the case has been closed based on suposition without consultation.

For info : There are no processes using up bandwidth on any of the local PC's so this is not and was not the issue.
Note : Both machines have XP so local network usage is easy to check. My usage summary is accurate enough to show usage over the line isn't the issue.



Original Message Below :
Username uptime

We are pleased to be able to inform you that a member of our Customer
Centre has now closed Question number [ 19975905 ].

The following comment was added to the Question

Dear Mr molloy,
I have checked the flows on your line at the moment and the only traffic that is currently being detected is Cisco VPN traffic, which is correctly being given Gold status.

It could be the case that when you are experiencing difficulty there may be a process running on one of your pc's that is using up all the available bandwith on your line. If it is at all possible it may be worth using a package such as netmeter to provide you with information about the amount of traffic travelling out of your network at a given time.

Ben Brown