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Promised upgrade plan for existing customers


Promised upgrade plan for existing customers

It appears to be taking ages to get my line upgraded to the fastest speed as promised such a long time back. Every suggested month has passed by.

Plusnet say they are waiting on BT, BT have told me my line can achieve it right now - no one seems to be able to tell me exactly when and just keeps saying "we will let you know". First it was April, then June, then July and now....?

I feel like piggy in the middle.

I really shout out Plusnet praise and have persuaded a few to come on board.
This doesnt change my mind at all, but leaves me pretty frustrated that I am being fobbed off in a process that Plusnet and BT cant resolve - and should be able to answer basic questions I have asked at least! How hard can it be.

Has anyone got any ideas on the 'when it will happen' please!

Cheers to all.

Promised upgrade plan for existing customers

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums.

This has been discussed at length over the last few days in other threads. A quick scan of the forum will reveal all.

What Bt retail say and what BT Wholesale do are two different things. What your line is capable of and when it is upgraded are two seperate issues.

The process is out of Plus nets hands. They cannot force BT Wholesale to move any faster than they already are. You are in the same position as many others not just customers of this ISP but of others.

Promised upgrade plan for existing customers

Hi Badbetty,

I too also had problems getting upgraded, i was running a 512k service, but want to go faster as it costs the same for a 2mb connection, in the end i wad told that my line couldn't support a faster service than 512k

I contacted bt and asked what the line could support and the answer came back about a week later that my line could support 1mb

I then wrote an email too plusnet copying the reply from BT and the next day I had 1mb broadband.

I never really found out where the hangup was but if you keep pushing you will get there in the end, if your contacting either party copy the reply's to each other so each other can see what was said.

I found all this frustrating but got there in the end.

Best of luck

Promised upgrade plan for existing customers


Welcome to the forums.

The issue highlighted by the Op is slightly different to your situation. This is referring to the ongoing free upgrade program currently operated by BT. The speed of that process is governed by a schedule published by BT which is in some cases facing delay.

Your problem of BT failing to provision your line at 1mb is a different scenario.

Promised upgrade plan for existing customers

Probably won't make you feel any better but there's a thread kicking about with a poll asking how many users have received their upgrade.
A whopping 82% (including myself) haven't :shock:


Thread here

Promised upgrade plan for existing customers

its pretty frustrating because everybody blames someone else and can not answer with anything other than 'we will klet you know'.

Why bother with a project plan if it cant be stuck to. Project plans eh!


Thanks for the replies - it is good to know I am not alone.

It would be better to know if there was anything that we could do about it. I suspect not.
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Promised upgrade plan for existing customers

I was upgraded today and I am very happy Cheesy Cheesy

Promised upgrade plan for existing customers

I think that I may have been.
My speed has increased to just over 2mb.

However shold I be getting another email from PN to tell me that BT have finished thier testing etc & that it is all hunky dory ?

Or do I justr get left to mufddle through trying to figure out what to do with the extra speed? :-)

Promised upgrade plan for existing customers

I was very annoyed with this issue myself. Originally we were supposed to be upgraded last month, then it was this month. Having realised the end of the month is near I tried to find out some info via the sticky at the top of the forum reguarding the upgrades. And I just found out it has been put back to next month now.

But I'm not one of those getting annoyed as most will surely realise that the upgrades has sod all to do with Plusnet. Remember most exchanges have a number or regrades to be done not just the one. And it also seems that part of this is down to what BT calls DSLAM ID . This is the reason why many exchanges need multipule visits as each visit is to upgrade just one DSLAM at a time it seems?. The point being it's more down to the DSLAM you are on than wandering why after say 2 exchange upgrades you have still not got the faster connection.

So if you use the link in the sticky at the top you aught to know weather or not the upgrade has been completed via the DSLAM you will be told your on or get an updated date on when it will be done.

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Promised upgrade plan for existing customers

If you haven't done so enter you details in my upgrades checker at

you can also search by exchange code to find out wheather others on your exchange have been done, please note any info from the BT PDF is out of date - i never got round to importing the new one.

Promised upgrade plan for existing customers

I am sorry for my lack of understanding if any, but I still do not get it!

I have checked the Plusnet exchange checker thingy and it seems (to me at least) to show all is ok (exchange ref. MYHAL).

I also have confusion because I rang BT a while back and they did some tests and said my exchange had been done and was capable of running at least at 2Mb (and more perhaps). I supplied the emails from BT to Plusnet Tech Support, who still maintained they could not do anything until BT told them.

To be honest I have had a variety of reasons given to me by Plusnet, but I am careful not to put blame on them.

And lastly, if I pay £14.99 (according to Plusnet) I can have it done immediately, which suggests to me that all is what is the delay!

I think if you presented this to anyone they would be confused too - information is power and I cant get hold of any ;-)

Keep smiling
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Promised upgrade plan for existing customers

Im in the same boat in that Ive been eagely awaiting the upgrade but it still hasnt come. Its very frustrating but I can only go by what Plusnet say and therefore dont blame them. I even contacted BT Wholesale a while back asking when my line would be upgraded but they couldnt divulge this information to me but did say that the ISP can contact them for this information. I contacted Customer Service to see whether they have any further info (my exchange is due this month and last month prior to this) and they said it will be get done before August which is pretty vague.
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i think i may have to move elsewhere as a 'NEW' customer

i think i may have to move elsewhere as a 'NEW' customer

as it seems if i do this then I'll get the upgrade done today.

is this the usual case of companies looking after new customers and relying on old ones to stay where they are?

goes wothout saying that my exchange upgrade has been a moving target... :x