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Profile speed stuck at 500?


Profile speed stuck at 500?

A few days ago my Internet connection dropped out for an hour or so, and when it came back up I had an IP Profile of 500 (according to BT). This gradually came back up to 5000 (although I think it was higher originally), but is now back at 500.

What is going on? I am confident it is not my wiring / equipment as up until this point I have always had very high speeds from PN.



Profile speed stuck at 500?

Assuming that you've done the (usual swapping filters/ connecting to the master socket/ checking for unfiltered devices) then raise a intermittent speed fault at

Usually disconnection events are as a result of multiple (culmulative) problems. It may be that there is a new external noise source causing your connection to drop intermittently, and that your IP Profile is being lowered as a result.
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Profile speed stuck at 500?


According to the BT speed reports the second drop in sync speed was around 18/05/2007 14:14:14 (the first around 14/05/2007 19:05:51) give or take about an hour.

Does that time help at all in narrowing down what caused it? Wiring and filters are the most likely causes, this is worth a read just in case there's anything you haven't thought of:

If not then as lestones suggests raised this via our fault checker and we can look into it.