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Product Description -- Flagrant misleading advertising


Product Description -- Flagrant misleading advertising

this is still the description to the 2mb premier residential account:

Broadband Premier is perfect if you want the best and you want it fast. This is ideal for Internet enthusiasts and families looking to play games, download music and movies and connect more than one PC.

>>only now it's pretty damn far from ideal.

2Mb broadband as standard - up to 40x times faster than dial-up*
>>> as standard but restricted to less than 512kb if PN prefer one application to another.

....and i love this bit::::
* Broadband Premier comes at the fastest speed possible, up to 2Mb. If 2Mb is not available to you we will provide you with broadband at 1Mb or 512k

>>> does "the fastest speed possible" come into play before or after traffic shaping?

...and of course the:
Premium quality service for all types of usage

>>so which usage don't fall under the "ALL" category againHuhHuh??

.....and PN on data transfer.......
"Broadband Premier is based on a PlusNet network contention of 30:1, giving you a top quality broadband service day and night. You'll get high-speeds even at busy times, whether you're surfing and emailing, downloading large files or connecting multiple PCs on your home network."

>>>> I'm sorry, but how do you class 30-40kb/s as "high speeds...surfing, emailing, downloading large files....."

these are all direct quotes from the cuurent product descriptions!!!!!!

anybody here feel like they ARE getting a fair deal?

OK, you don't want to admit the fault is in your responsibility because then everyone may claim their money back, but may i suggest turning it off until you solve the problems.......

and again:::
“I’m frequently online, downloading files. I need a feature packed service that’s consistently fast, even at peak times.”

>>so they recommend Premier is ust the product for you!!!

and another:
* With all residential broadband products you get the maximum speed that your telephone line can support, up to 2Mb

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Product Description -- Flagrant misleading advertising


This is the same on all 3 vISP's , Plusnet , F9 and Free-online it even states file sharing and I quote from the plus package admiting shaping;

With Broadband Plus you can use any type of Internet services you want. In order to ensure we deliver a high level of service, during busy periods we will give priority to services such as web browsing and email and a lower priority to high usage services such as downloading and file sharing.

Broadband Plus is based on a 50:1 Free-Online network contention.

If you regularly file-share and download, take a look at Broadband Premier. With a 30:1 Free-Online network contention, Broadband Premier offers a premium service and is suitable for Internet enthusiasts and families.

so they tell you to go for the prem package and a quote from that description which mentions nothing of traffic shaping;

“I’m frequently online, downloading files. I need a feature packed service that’s consistently fast,
even at peak times.”

I took snap shots of all these the other day as evidence after the last time they denied advertising " Unlimited "

I am currently looking at other options this is the last straw changing our product without notification.