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Product Advice


Product Advice

I am currently on the following :

PlusNet Broadband Home Premier 2MB.

This used to be ideal for my purposes. I work from home 3 times a week, at around 5 pm to 8 pm each day, I have a lot of remote admin work to do, into our offices. This involves updating a lot of sql databases, and file transfers up and down between both.

My Wife also does a lot of work from home. She is an actress/model. So spends a lot of time using Skype and VOIP, calling agents, auditions, etc. And has to send a lot of photos/movies via FTP/P2P. Her main data transfer times is in the noon to 8pm time frame.

I also host her website on plusnet, site is around 120 mb, and very likely to increase. Plus plan to host a new website as well for business purposes. But webspace is becoming an issue.

I also generally play WOW and everquest 2 in the evenings.

We also use PPstream, PPlive and SOPcast quite a lot, her mainly for chinese programs, which helps alleviate her homesickness, as she comes from Taiwan, and for myself for watching football.

Any P2P traffic that is non business is scheduled to run from midnight till 2pm.

On the old product, our business traffic, would generally be 30 to 45 GB during peaktimes. With the new product lines, having max cap of 30 GB during peaktimes ( for the package I pay for ), and already having limitations put in place from 20 GB onwards.

This is only 1st month of the new packages, and from my last billing date ( 7th april ) I have used close to 9GB during peaktime. Which will at current rates, put me close to the 30 GB limit if not over. The limit will prevent me using FTP and P2P for my wifes business needs, if we do hit it. Sometimes looking over history of our past 2 to 3 months work, it will be more likely to hit in 2 to 3 weeks, than before normal billing cycle is over.

So the line is not purely for business use, but the new usage allowance limits, will heavily affect the service that I originally bought, over 2 years ago.

Having looked into the business products, Teleworker and Small business do not appear suitable for our needs. The Business package from 34.99, seems a better option, however the things that does concern me with are the following

1) Business products are not suitable for residential customers looking avoid peak-time restrictions. We will take action on a case-by-case basis where this is taking place. As the internet is not fully for business use, and there will at times be non business stuff used during people time ( World of warcraft, PPStream, PPlive, SOPCast mainly), how is this monitored ? and would these be counted as making them believe I have the package to get around the peak time restrictions ?


2) Web Traffic Website download limits 500 MB. I planned on having her place images and showreels on website for agents, etc to download, instead of her emailing/ftping them. As a typical small 5 min showreel is around 50 mb, have concerns over viability of hosting them on there.

So anyone have advice over what product that Plusnet offer is best for my needs, or any advice on what I can do, as the new limits on packages, are not viable for my needs of day to day work and internet usage.