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Problems with PN traffic shaping.


Problems with PN traffic shaping.

I have quite a few clients who are running CCTV systems with remote monitoring running down a PN adsl line. This has been fine in the past. Recently though most of the sites have lost connection all together through the day.

The data stream runs on port 4550 and 5550 and this seams to be getting blocked pretty much by PN. Even to the extent that you cannot log in.

If you dial a vpn between the 2 system still on the PN line then it runs absolutely fine.

I can only assume that PN traffic shaping is basically blocking the streams and then obviously when it is running through the vpn it is getting high allocation as VPN traffic. I have tried changing the ports it runs on to no avail.

What to do? That is the question.

Problems with PN traffic shaping.

you could raise a ticket with precise details and hope that PN create a rule for you. but, unless it's a specific product/service that 'exists' in itself and is widely available, i doubt they'll permit it.

you could run it through vpn all the time - bit of a faff though.

or you could tell PN that unless they do something you shall be forced to take your business elsewhere, and if they don't do something to help, then you should leave.

i think that's about it?

-- i suppose you could ask them if there are any ports that aren't blocked/shaped/etc. but i'd be surprised if there are any... and if there are i doubt they'd tell anyone!!