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Problems with PLUSNET.


Problems with PLUSNET.

I have had Problems with Plusnet for 9 MONTHS now, Every since May2006. Even after bringing up these problems numerous times nothing has ever been solved.

I have been with Plusnet for almost 4 years, and to begin with, it was all good, but as i have said, the past 9 months the service has been awfull.

Although i requested to be on DSL Max (Which i beleived to be BT), I was put onto Tiscali LLU.

Now, at one point my line was running at ~2.4Mbps, i beleive this was the highest i ever had, now i PRESUME this is the max speed i can get out of my line, BUT i never get more than 1.3Mbps, and thats on a good day!

For the past month i have had below acceptable speeds at peak times, making gaming almost impossible.
Tonight, my speed test reads:

Later slightly improving to:

My Router reads:
Downstream | Upstream
SNR Margin 14.0 22.0 dB
Line Attenuation 51.5 30.0 dB
Errored Seconds 399 10
Loss of Signal 1 1
Loss of Frame 0 0
CRC Errors 12 10
Data Rate 1152 256 kbps

How can this be classed as acceptable? Most of the current speed issues relate to DSL Max (BT).
Is it just me having problems with LLU.

Now i dont recall asking to be on LLU, and i want to be taken off it asap, However why do i not receive the speeds i AM capable of?

When i use the Plusnet Stable Rate - Which i think allows me to view the line profile plusnet have set me?

It displays: Your current broadband speed is 8000 Kbps

Now, why does it say that when i have never received any kind of speeds like that?

I cannot use the BT Speed checker, as it does not work for me, I presume that is because i was falsly put onto LLU.

I have considered leaving plusnet for along time, but am puzzled by the Fee's i have to pay for disconnection and such. Since i did not want to be put on LLU, and being a Plusnet member for almost 4 years, i am confused as to if fee's will be applicable to myself to leave?

That also means i will have up to 2 weeks without internet, which of course i am not happy about, but i would put up with it to get better than 200 Kbps!!

One final point, on LLU i had thought that i was supposed to received 448Kbps UPload speeds. The max upload speeds i receive are aournd 200Kbps. Am i missing something?

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Plusnet Staff
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Problems with PLUSNET.


The best thing to do here is to raise this via our broadband fault checker on the left under conenection settings so that we can have a look into it.

There has been a problem with speeds on certain LLU exchanges recently, the details are on service status at:

although we've seen an improvement here so the problem you are seeing may not be related and could well be down to a fault elsewhere.

The stable_rate figure on the portal only works with DSLMax and not LLU. On Max BT send us a report whenever a customers line speed changes, on LLU we don't receive this kind of report so the value is set to a default figure of 8000kbps. The BT speedtest too only works on a BT connection.

Looking at your account there shouldn't be fees other than the usual 1 month's notice period, but would suggest that you raise the fault via our checker first as it may be something that can easily fixed (or could be something that would stay with you if you moved ISP).

The upstream rate is up 800kbps on LLU, but this depends on a number of factors including distance and line quality. The longer the line the lower the speed it will be able to support.