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Problems seting up message filters

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Problems seting up message filters

Having imported everything from OEx I am setting up message filters to cover items such as email notifcations of posts to Yahoo Groups to which I subscribe..The set up is thus.

Leading out from Local Folders are folders relating to my Plusnet Mail Boxes. Also leading out of Local Folders is a folder for <Groups> and from this folder some folders for the more prolific mail producers.

I have gone in to set the the filters so that mail addressed To xxxx will be allocated (moved) to the <Groups> folber or one of its subfolders. I click on <New Folder> and am tken to the little dailog box but notice that the <OK< button is greyed out. I paste in the destination folder name, but the <OL> button remains greyed. How am I to crete messge rules if I cannot allcate a destination folder fro the filtered mail? perhpas in my ignorance I am misunserstanding something so your help will be mich appreciated :?
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Problems seting up message filters

Imported everything to where? You missed that part. Thunderbird?
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Problems seting up message filters

Sounds like Thunderbird.

In order to create a message filter that puts things into a new folder, you have to tell it where to create the new folder. This should be an option on the box where you've pasted the new folder name.

The other option is to create the folder and then create the message filter to put it into this existing folder.

RE: Problems seting up message filters

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