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Problem with tickets?


Problem with tickets?

Is there some problem with ticket handling at the moment? I have 2 open: one raised yesterday (1/9/04) at 11.26, ticket no. 13300736 and the other today at 9.22 ticket no. 13317016.

Yesterday's has been open for about 30 hours, today's for 8, so yesterday's is about 22 hours wide of the response target.

Anyone else find this?

Pete Gilmartin

Problem with tickets?

I opened one last night at 10.45 and the response was at 3.20 this afternoon. I just feel that this big push there seems to be at the moment, to get new customers is over-streaching F9 and the service standard is falling rapidly.
I have remained a customer for so long, based purley on the quality of the customer service and it is really disappointing to see things going the way they are.
From being the best ISP in the country by a mile, it has now become just another mainstream provider! Sad
I hope I'm proved wrong! :?

Problem with tickets?

Theres currently a delay in ticket responses, due to the large number of tickets being raised due to BTs ASDL Limit changes coming on Monday so responses may be slightly delayed.
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Problem with tickets?

Hi there,

We do try to resolve all tickets within the shortest time possible, but the combination of the pricing changes and the extension of the limits on ADSL means we have an unusually high number of tickets at the moment from people either changing package, upgrading or merely enquiring about the changes.

Apologies for the delays, we will get to your ticket ASAP!