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Problem moving my ADSL


Problem moving my ADSL


I am trying to move my Broadband Plus account to a new address, but the system is telling me I can't move it to a business address, but my new 1 bedroom flat is obviously (to me) not a business?

I raised a ticket (19280303) on Friday, but have yet to hear anything.

Any ideas?

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Problem moving my ADSL

PN have checks in place to stop people ordering a residental product on an address flagged as a business which is why you can't use the wizzard. There should not be a problem ir doing what you want, you just have to convince PN that the line you are on is not actually for a business.

The reason the ticket is taking so long to get answered is 1) Bank holiday - not all depts work 24/7, weekends or bank holidays and 2) there is a huge number of tickets in the system and PN are having a hard time coping so reply times are days rather than hours.

The recent MaxDSL upgrade is the main cause of the high ticket count.

I'm afraid all you can do is wait until someone get's to your ticket but I suspect it may bounce back and fourth a few times before it is resolved.

Problem moving my ADSL

Thanks for that Peter,

I'll try to convince them, and hopefully I'll get back online sooner rather than later. (I'm having to use a friends computer to write this)

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Problem moving my ADSL

This would appear to have been raised through to our provisioning team and they haven't yet had chance to look at it for you. I've fished this ticket out on your behalf and asked someone to process it with the details you've provided.

The reason this has happened is that sometimes the automated process thinks the postcode of the new address is designated as a business, even though our database clearly has it listed as a residential postcode. The only way we can then rectify this is to process everything manually.