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Since there is a "Gb down load Limit" there should also be a new pricing structure. It is unfair that some of us are stuck on 1Mb or worse.
Why should we pay the same for dloading at 1/2 or 1/4 of the max speed Huh

Get ur finger out f9.
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Plusnet Staff
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The wholesale cost of broadband has moved away from speed and towards capacity and usage. It costs us the same to provide 512kbps as it does 2Mbps or even 8Mbps. It's how much data you use that makes the difference.

There is some good news on the horizon though for those customers who are on 512 and 1Mbps. DSL Max coming in the spring may allow you to get a faster speed as it will allow your line to sync at the maximum it will support (up to 8Mbps). So if it can't do 2Mbps it may do 1.5Mbps for example. We are trialling LLU services which work in a similar way so if you are one of the exchanges then again you may see a speed boost from that.

From there, BT Wholesale are currently trialling VDSL. What this does is move the DSLAM into the green cabinets on the streets thus reducing the length of the copper run and giving people on longer lines access to faster speeds. Don't know yet when this will rollout nationally but things are being done to overcome the technical limitations.