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'Premier' service...


'Premier' service...

Dear Plusnet,

I'm currently using a very popular p2p app and have tried downloading a 60meg file from many different sources, users on cable, users on dsl, users with 512, 1 meg, 2 meg, 4 meg, 8 meg, 10 meg, 24 meg lines, all from various countries (most of these people also have no slots being used) but I still only get a d/l speed of 3 or 4 kib/s, it NEVER goes over this.
This for me is a very common occurance (read: Daily)

Really, this is stunningly sub-standard and I'm really struggling to understand how you are getting away with providing this godawful service? How Plusnet have managed to evade legal proceedings thus far I can't quite grasp.

I'm on premier.

What does that word actually mean?

Well, here is the dictionary definition:

First in status or importance; principal or chief

Sorry what was that?
First in status or importance; principal or chiefHuh

Well it certainly isn't the Plusnet definition of Premier, which I see as:
Most inferior, as in quality, condition, or effect

So why are you providing me with this?

I'm at a loss.

I've read all the BS in the wizard of oz post and I constantly read the cut and paste comms teams posts but I can't swallow it any more.
Personally I think I've done really well to hold my tongue thus far, and I'm sure most people as well as the mods and any Plusnet 'rep' (lol) will "chastise" me for being so "aggressive" in my posting, if not then I suspect this thread will be closed for repeating some other.....blah, blah, blah..........but just sometimes aggression makes you feel better and gets your point across much better than being the placid customer that Plusnet so desire.

Unfortunately I am tied in to a 12-month contract.

You know what........
For the first few weeks (read: within my 45 day cancellation period) p2p downloads were just dandy!
Doesn't that make you think! Wink

My only recourse is to name and shame Plusnet to my friends and colleagues, which I intend to do with renewed vigour.



P.S. My ADSLGuide and BT Speed tests report in excess of 1900kbps downstream.

P.P.S. My exchange is also showing green across the board.
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'Premier' service...

Supposedly it will all improve from your next billing date as the new Vision kicks in.
Lets hope that happens

'Premier' service...

I so really hope so hotlane.

I've not been with Plusnet long but have already seen many changes and also much confusion within the ranks let alone the customers.


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'Premier' service...

Firstly, as hotlane says, things are going to improve during peak times as and when your next billing date comes around.

That being said, you state that this is with a popular p2p client, but don't actually name the client. Have you tried using a different client, either for the same network or on a different network. As there are quite a few people around here reporting that they get better speeds on one client/network and not on a different one, as this is down to the way each of the networks is designed, protocol wise.

Similarly, there are also several posts containing suggestions from people on how to improve your p2p speed, by ensuring that everything is configured to provide the best performance on your side. It might be worth taking a look at these, if you haven't already done so.
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'Premier' service...

@ sjweir

Hi - I also use a popular P2P program and my experience is strikingly similar to yours. It was OK for ages, and then, when the Ellacoyas were introduced, it all went flakey. For much of the time since then it's been almost unusable. While the techies have been messing around honing their shaping skills, and learning how it all works, the service has been very unpredictable, as described all over these forums. I downloaded the new Google Earth file at an absolutely solid 234k/s, but couldn't get 2, 3, or 4 k/s from the P2P. I tried other clients, but with no better success.

Since last week, it has got progressively worse. Last evening, I couldn't get better than 0.83 k/s. The remote bandwidth was available, but I couldn't get it. I was DL'ing from seeds I know, and they had no issues, and plenty of spare bandwidth. In the end I gave up, as usual. Then sometime after midnight last night my DSL died completely, and was down for about 15 minutes. I checked it back up, then went to bed. This evening, I fired up the P2P, and restarted the DLs, and they came down at between 30 and 40 k/s, and the upload speeds were maxed out. That kind of speed is fine for me. Something changed overnight, following the line drop, and I don't suppose I'll ever know exactly what. I just hope it doesn’t revert again!

I try to bite my lip and stay out of the forums, as many of the regular contributors are disgruntled downloaders. Very entertaining ones, I might add, and well worth reading, but nevertheless mostly singing the same song. The business users I have great sympathy for, and the students, but people like me, well - we'll get by. And it really will improve, as the infrastructure is built. Hell, if they can do it in Korea, albeit from a clean standing start, then we'll get it here soon enough.

I guess the bottom line is that it's probably worth hanging on in there. Plusnet are up to all sorts of techie things at the moment, as are BT. With ADSL takeup running at its current rate, the network folks are working flat out to keep pace with it, and are choosing to do it rather than talk about it. Sometimes we all resort to that approach.

I suspect that within a few months, maybe a year, it will have all settled down, and we’ll all be getting roughly what we want and are prepared to pay for. In my house there are four users. Three of them are virtually unaware of any change in the service at all - they didn't even notice when it went from 512K to 2mb, as it was already fast enough for them. Frankly, they accept the occasional line drop as normal. We appear to be living in turbulent network times!

'Premier' service...

I've been monitoring the situation for a while, mainly with Emule. Up until the other day, speeds were dreadful at all times.

Since they've had a play around with the traffic management system, I now get reasonable speeds off peak and poor speeds peak (4pm - 12am usually).

I'm guessing on my bill cycle day, it should mean good speeds until 20gb on p2p, then back to how it is now. Well thats the theory anyway.

If this is the case, then this will be a good thing.

'Premier' service...

I had the same problems. I was on the Premier account expecting a Premier service, but obviously failed miserably. I requested my MAC and moved to ZEN. They hooked me up in 2 days and everthing is rosy again. I'm still here until my month runs out. Can definitely vouch for ZEN. Dearer but you get what you pay for!!!

Crap ISP

I just got a reply from tech support after moaning about pathetic P2P speeds.
They can't even admit they're throttling the speeds. Check reply I got:

"Actioned : Dear Mr ******,
Unfortunately we cannot cancel the contract early.
If you are experiencing poor P2P speeds then we will help you investigate this.
Is it on a particular network?
Also is it when downloading speific things?
I have tried Premier accounts on a variety of different networks and each one performs to standard.

Jonathon Smith"

So I wonder what the "performs to standard" is ? 5k/sec maybe. Absolutely disgraceful service. Do I regret that 1 year contract now

'Premier' service...

After my praise earlier on, I have to confirm that p2p has been absolutely dreadful today. :roll:

Uploads on emule have completely flatlined at 2k/s since about 11am this morning.

Throttled to death.