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Premier gives me what?


Premier gives me what?

Hi, this is a serious question rather than setting up another PlusNet bashing session.

I'm on Premier Option 1 which I thought meant that p2p traffic wasn't severly restricted. I haven't used p2p for several months but I'm trying to use it now and I'm getting about 5-10 kB/s. I don't leave my PC on overnight so what's the point of paying about 7 quid extra if it's un-useable (and 5-10kB/s on p2p is unuseable as far as I'm concerned)

What kind of speeds would I be getting on Broadband Plus, surely not less than that.

Also, how is the shaping applied? Is it somekind of percentage of max speed. I.e. does someone lucky enough to have a 6Mbit connection end up with three times the restricted speed of someone who started with a 2Mbit connection. Or do they both end up with the same absolute restricted rate?
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Premier gives me what?

tbh all traffic is heavily restricted it seems on all accounts these days, even super duper promised web speeds dont seem to exist anymore with pages often failing to load.
i gather its just too many customers and not enough capacity and plusnet seem to be able to get away with blaming bt/maxdsl/exchange contention and without anyone been able to prove otherwise i cant see any change on the horizon.
peak times are often a joke for speed and gaming is very hit and miss of late....

Premier gives me what?

The official answer to the differences is here:

But if any of it remains to be true/accurate is another matter.

I've always had my doubts over if that entire traffic management page can be believed ever since "Non-time critical traffic: e.g. file downloads, P2P, Usenet and FTP traffic" appears in both Silver and Bronze... how can it be both? What defines what goes in one and in the other? Is there a point where Silver stuff becomes Bronze?

It's time PN gave some answers. Definitive ones. Ones that actually mean something, and aren't dodging the questions and giving meaningless answers.
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Premier gives me what?

Apparently there will be some statement about the p2p and other issues regarding exactly what is/not prioritised on Monday.,3707.0.html